Big, powerful and well tried and tested on the worldwide market for 25 years. Ideally suited for larger stables and yards, this USA made clipper has a 150 watt motor. It can tackle clipping through any hair type. It is equally at home clipping cattle and horses. The new cooler running clipper makes this a good workhorse for full body clipping. This is a tried and proven clipper to be recommended.

Blade Type: Any Oster® Large Animal Compatible
Speed: Single
Blade Width: 3" wide
Replacement Blades: 61511-12 Combo Blade Set. (If you wanted a surgical cut then go for 61511-03 with 61511-01 top blade. Alternatively, if you wanted to leave a longer cut, you would go for 61511-04 Thick Grooming blade with 61511-01 top blade.)
Strokes Per Minute: 3000
Clipper Weight: 1.5 kg with blade
Motor Type: Universal Rotary
Watts: 150
Clipper Length: 31.75 cm
Cord Length: 4 metres
Volts: 240
Special Features: For clipping horses, or full body, matted showdowns on dogs, extra wide blades.
Accessories: Includes blade set on clipper, 118 ml oil, tube of grease, leather blade guard. Comes in a durable toolbox with a removeable storage tray and lots of storage space for all your grooming supplies.
Made In: USA
Warranty: 1 year against any manufacturing faults